Education system and best teaching practices in Philippines

Published April 14, 2016 by difiya3589

Hari ini saya dapat kesempatan untuk ikut pelatihan yang diadakan oleh COMDEV nya BINUS. Seperti di tulisan saya, pelatihannya tentang education system and best teaching practices, cuma ada yang lucu disini, mungkin karena miskomunikasi kali yah, jadi ternyata pemateri nya itu semuanya guru bahasa inggris, bukan guru matematika. Padahal semua peserta yang hadir guru matematika SMA.

The first topic is about education system is Philippine. When I told my husband, he underestimate about this seminar, why I learn about education in Philippine, it is “antah barantah” country, but it is ok for me, I think I can learn from anyone, anytime and anywhere. Ok, back to the topic. The speaker said about K to 12, new curriculum in Phillipine, in the previous curriculum the study only 10 years, it is different with other countries that usually need 12 years before entering university. Using the new curriculum the student take 12 years education before entering the university. Elementry school (grade 1-6), junior high school (grade 7-10) and senior high school (grade 11-12).

There are some differences between curriculum in Phillipine and Indonesia. In Phillipine, for senior high school students, they only learn about 8 lesson, in Indonesia almost 15, too manu for senior high students. For example social class students, they also learne physics and chemistry. For science class students, they also learn economics and geography, so what is the function of this clasification between science and social class.?

English is a second language in Philipine. They use mother tongue language (tagalog) only for grade 1-3. In formal meeting they use english, in their daily life they use english, even in slum area, they also use english, sometimes we found that philippine people can speak english better than tagalog. It is the positive said, very different with Indonesia. In here, the student learn english about 2-4 hours a week. I think It is not enough to make our students in Indonesia good in english. But the negative side, they can lost their mother tongue language.

The Break times. They have 3 break times a years. After 4 quarter, christmas break, and summer break. They study only 50 days per term its about 3-4 months (caturwulan). Suddenly I remember my student whi said why there is no summer break or winter break ( Or maybe raining break,hehe) in Indonesia. We always study a year, we take more time to study, but we are not more clever than them..hahaha.. maybe my student kurang piknik..

The second topic is about best teaching practices. Eventhough the speakers are english teacher, but there are something can we learn from them. I found that they are very energetic, enthusiasm and have strong passion in teaching. They teach how make the students enjoy the lesson, using games, music, sing a song, watching movie, etc. They motivate the student to face the lesson. No matter how much their salary, hehe, I’m quite surprised when the audience ask about their salary, I think it is impolite, but they answered the question that they got low salary for teaching, because teaching is serving. If you want to get higher salary, you dont choose to work as a teacher. Haha..makjleb bener dah. We know that teacher in Indonesia is quite wealthy, I mean the civil servant, not the honorer teacher. For pns teacher, they get salary, extrasalary (tkd), and sertifikasi. You can calculate how much they get each month. Very different from honorer teacher (haha..jadi curhat).

Sebenernya masih ada lagi materi after break lunch. Cuma tangan udah keriting ngetik dari hape.Hehe.. I’m very happy joined this seminar. I got new knowledge, new friend and new experience.


Abaikan itu foto saya yang gendut banget.hahha..efek angle yang salah pas taking picture nya..(haha..alasan)


Yang ini better, looks more slimmer..haha


2 comments on “Education system and best teaching practices in Philippines

  • kakaaak, how are you teacher? ^^
    it’s very nice to read your posting about education system.
    Last Wednesday I presented my paper in an international conference. I met many educators from Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, and many elses. It was such a happy moment to gather with teachers all over the world

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