Special Prize in the end of this semester

Published December 22, 2012 by difiya3589

Yesterday was the last day for me to meet my students in this semester, because the reports of the students in this semester have already given to their parents. Alhamdulillaah, all praise is to Allah who gave me a special prize in the end of this semester.

do yo know what the special prize is, or can you guess it? no, it’s not a prize like you imagine. this prize is togetherness. I spent my time together with IC teacher and their children. although not all of the teachers join this event, but it already made me happy.

it’s special, because it’s the first time I visit this place, haha. Actually the place is in Jakarta, not really far from my place. however we need almost 3 hours from that place to my home because of the traffic jam. It’s my very first time to walk, run and slide on the ice. Yap, we played ice skating for almost 2 hours. I am very very happy because I spent my time with these cute children, play, run, slide and fall down together. hoho..


The picture above taken after we have played ice skating. 🙂 ice cream timee,, nyummy..

these are who join  playing ice skating..


sir edo and sir asep, they can’t run and slide like the children, haha, they seems like two adults who learn to walk..haha..


Iyam, Bunda, Rafi and also Me, 🙂

Here it is,,my sweety.. Image

Aunty and Rafi


these are the shoes we used..


the price of ticket is 58.00 IDR/person for 2 hours


I’m very grateful to Allah who sending me these sincere and truly kind person. Hope you all get blesses life, now and forever, mates..

thanks you Allah for this togetherness, thanks for this moment. Thanks for everything. 🙂



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