MBDA..reminder novel

Published December 8, 2012 by difiya3589

Finally I find what’s matter with my site. Actually the problem is not my site but the laptop. Now,  I want to write something in shinta’s laptop not mine, and I can open my site without disturbance.

A few days ago I read a novel, the title is ” Moga bunda disayang Allah”, the writer is tereliye, one of my favorite writer. Firstly I think this novel is most about bunda, about a struggle  of a strong mom, Bunda HK. But more than that, this novel is gave me a lot of lesson about life. He is Karang, a young people who love children very much. He taught me how to be a thankful person. He was born as an orphan, living on the street without parents, even family or some one who can take care of him. But He has a strong desire to make children have a better future.

Melati is a very cute little girl. She is blind, deaf and mute automatically. Firstly, it’s very difficult to teach her, how to introduce her to the world because of her disabilities. But Ka karang never give up to find ways to teach her, and finally he find a way how to teach melati to know the world.

I think it’s an amazing story. it can realize me how to be a thankful person. Actually I was disappointed because of ADS announcement. I failed. I can not continue the process to get the scholarship. But from this story, I realize, I have a lot of gift from Allah and I should thankful for it. I believe Allah is the best planner who has already made the best story of my life. I just do my best in every episode of my life.MBDA


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