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21 Goes to MalaySpore^^

Published June 28, 2012 by difiya3589

Last week, International class SMAN 21…ImageImageImage


My beloved Sista..

Published June 4, 2012 by difiya3589

1 June 2012

Tonight, I am sad, because My beloved sister is going to leave me. Insyaallah she will move to anyer if she is accepted as a teacher in Nurul fikri Boarding School, Anyer. Actually I’m happy to hear  that, but I have to face the reality, she will leave me, and I will struggle by my own self here.

I’am envy with her because she will get new environment, more condusif environment for upgrade herself, to remembering qur’an and to learn english and arabic. Yet, I have to accomplish my dream before I step to the next phase of my life. Accomplishing my 3 juz of qur’an, and it is very difficult for me because my motivation is labil oftentimes.

I must prepare my self how to manage all of the affair like Masjid youth organisation and governor election (PILKADA)  in Jakarta. Actually, I’m not alone, I know that very well. I have many sisters and brothers here, but no one can change her place in my hearts. Maybe firstly, she is not really special person for me, but since we often spent our times together throughout the PILKADA and manage the masjid youth organisation, she become one of the special person in my life.

I always tell her everything happened in my life. I tell her my activities in school, my dream to continue my study in Australia and also everbody who want to propose marriage to me. So does she. We tell about our dreams each other. We want to be leaders in this society, in our beloved home, kayu putih. We have a dream to have a big influence and benefit  for people around us, so that we can ask them to study more about Islam easily.

I think it is a new challenge for me and also for her. We have to pass our daily life by own self. I always pray the best for her. We will fight to compete in goodness  till Allah gather us together in jannah. Uhibbuki Fillah. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤