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it has been 23 years

Published May 3, 2012 by difiya3589

Alhamdulillah, all praise is to Allah who gave me everything, ya, everything what I need^^

I have been teaching since 2010, as long as it is I try to know and understand all of people around me, my teachers, my friends, and also  my students. Thanks to Allah who arrange this meeting. I think I am falling in love with them.

Today, 3 May 2012, it has been 23 years I have a chance to live in this world. Not as usual, I go to school lately,yep, 08.30 I drive my pinky beat to school. After pray dhuha,  the bell rang, and I get ready to enter my class. When I enter my class, it’s so noisy. They was listening to the music, they don’t want to study. Oh my God, its so hard day. Finally I decide to divide them into two groups,the first group who will follow the exam, and the second one is not.

We study mathematics as usual, but suddenly Mr. Edo come to my class and said that I am called by principal coz of the noisy class. Our principal saw us from cctv.Firstly I am not sure, I think that somebody lied to me, it’s my birthday, but why must Our principal? I am hesitate, and I think our principal will angry to me.

When I enter the principal’s room, she invite  me to sit in front of her desk, beside Mr. Jundan, my boss in this school. The principal angry to me, she said that I am a  conceited alumni. what?am I conceited??how can she judge me like that?. I explain that I always say greetings and shake hands if I meet them. it’s not reality. I can answer the judgement, but she said that it’s my fault. Finally I said ” ok, if many people feel that I am a conceited people, I’ll change my attitude”. I said that to end our conversation.

I hope I can back to my class and teach my students, but the principal blame me about the program in international class.

principal :” You are arrogant, you’ve never discussed about the IC schedule with RSBI Schedule”.

I : “I just typed the schedule,Mr. Jundan has arranged the schedule”

principal : “wow, why you blame Mr. Jundan??”

I : “No, I don’t blame him, I just typed the schedule, coz it’s not my authority to decide the schedule and programs. I just typed!”

principal : “it’s your fault, you should discuss about the program in IC and RSBI, don’t be arrogant”

I : “My authority is only make the exam schedule and I’ve discuss with Mrs. Sondang, and  I think, there isn’t  problem in the program and schedule”

Mr.Jundan : “any, any problems there, there are some clash schedules”

I : “what?any?what problems?may I know the clash schedule??”

Mr. Jundan : “hmm,,this one, this time”.

I am suspicious, It’s my birthday, he lie to me, but why the principal join to trick me? I ask in my mind. suddenly she switch the conversation and blame me (again).huft,,I am tired, why Mr.Jundan  just keep silent and don’t protect me. After that Mr.Jundan say.

Mr.Jundan : Forgive me, about the cctv.

principal : Ohya, why your class was very noisy?

I : Hmm,, I divide them into 2 groups, because some of them take the exam and some students not. I’ve given them some exercises and I was discussing some questions while Mr. Edo called me.

principal : your class was very annoying and made another class noisy.

I : If another class noisy, it’s not my responsibility but it’s responsibility of the teacher who teach in that class ( I defend my self)

Actually, I see the image of Mr. Eko and Miss. Ria in the mirror, I ask to my self, why they are here, are they want to protect me?or they want to judge me like this principal. Suddenly the principal stand up and   said “ok, I just wanna say Happy Birthday”.

Oh my God,,I am traped, (haha,,actually I don’t know what the proper word,,hahahha,,saya dikerajain nieee,,,huahuahuahuahua)

My heart is touched and I can’t stop my tears flowing from my eyes. Thanks to my beloved teacher, friends and students. Thanks to Pa Jundan, Pa Eko, Miss. Ria, Shintaku sayang, Mr. Edo, Bu Mei, Mba ika, and all of the people those involved in this drama… hahahahha..thanks very much.

Alhamdulillah, YOU give me all kind people around me who always motivate me to do my best.