Menjemput mimpi yang lain

Published April 21, 2012 by difiya3589

Firstly I really want to be a statistician. I love this field very much. I had a plan, when I graduated from my study, i will looking for a job as a statistician. For the beginning of my teaching in this school, I usually look for many reasons to resign from this job, haha, it coz of my complicated students, they were very unique and had many characteristics that made me dizzy.( but now, I love them so much <3)

yeah, I have been teaching since 2010, I think it’s just a stepping stone for me to get better job.I teach to spent my time till I get my dream, be a statistician. On my first semester of teaching, I decided to resign from this job, I decided to continue my study in kampung inggris, pare, kediri, east java. But my plan totally failed coz I change my destination to Bontang, Kalimantan, but for the several times, my plan failed (again)..hahaha


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